Tuesday Talks

On Tuesdays I will be interviewing or posting thoughts from people from all walks of life.  Those who think differently, who look at the world differently.  What do they think about the world around them?  What are their hopes for this nation, for their families for their friends?.

I believe that it is very important that we get to hear the thoughts of people who are  different to us. Those with bigger minds, bigger hearts.  GazingUntil we walk a mile in someone else’s shoes we can never really understand why they think the way that they do.  What has happened to cause them to see the world so differently.  We so easily get trapped in our own mindsets.  By being open to the thoughts and conversations of others we begin to see the world in a different light.  We gain perspective.  We become appreciative of different cultures, different lenses and the reasons behind those opinions.

“Private feelings are our form of truth today, a kind of ultimate self absorption…You see this on talk shows: You realise those people have never read, studied, prayed or listened to anybody except there own tyrannical feelings.

Yet they think they have a right for their uninformed opinions on the welfare system or religion or warfare.”

Richard Rohr -Hope Against Darkness

Yes we all have our own opinions our own bias our own conspiracies, but I think that its vital that we listen to some greater minds, some greater souls, some greater hearts.  Its important that we are encouraged to think outside the box, outside our small communities and experiences.  That we listen to the people worth listening to, worth talking to.

Let me know if there is someone you would really like me to interview or a topic that you would like me to cover and I will endeavor to get them onto Tuesday Talks.


Recommended Reading:


Richard Rohr is a modern prophet calling us to change our ways. Rohr paints a critical picture of the prevailing thought, culture and attitudes of the present-day West-which he calls “The Postmodern Opportunity”-including our cultural biases, our embrace of victimhood, our often fearful attitudes toward one another and toward the Church and religion in general. Rohr offers hope in introducing the Franciscan path of transformation, the “new way of being that would change the face of history.”


Rohr describes how following Saint Francis’ way to forgiveness and love, and “owning the darkness,” can bring us out of the postmodern pit in which we find ourselves”.

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