Thoughts on Worship by Jay McNeill

It is jarring to me when some assume everyone’s pathway to God is through worship music. Everyone loves music but that doesn’t mean it is an individuals pathway to spirituality. If I were honest, I would say standing in a worship service rarely connects me to God, in fact, I can find it distracting. My pathway to spirituality is primarily in nature. by Jay McNeill

Worship and Lament by Dr Jehan Loza

Lament has been systematically removed from most forms of worship within the Western Church, specifically the Western Pentecostal Church, to the point that it is no longer legitimate to offer a challenge, protest or complaint to God in worship. Hard to imagine any song for the Director of Music in the modern church commencing with:
How long, O Lord, Will you forget me forever, How long will you hide your face from me.

Friday Arts Day: with Esther Oakley

God is always challenging me to see people and situations through his eyes, not my eyes of judgement and insecurity.

He loves me so completely that I am free to love others completely.

We are carriers of light and hope everyday. We don’t have to be perfect, just willing. Esther Oakley