Today I Think of The Women by Joel McKerrow

I think of the girl without a name, or a name forgotten, or a name that was lost when they sold her off to marry a stranger that did not know her though he was twice her age. I think of women elders, the champions of their people, those who show us how to live out of deep compassion when our egos get in the way. Joel McKerrow

How to Reduce your Stress and Improve your Health.

Researchers at Harvard Medical school say that the more friends you have, the less physical impairments you will develop as you age and the happier you will be. Your friends can see clearly when you are in a fog. The questions is will you listen to them?

We Need a Better Tomorrow – forTomorrow

So how do we turn visions of tomorrow into actions today? Where do we start when confronted by the myriad of issues and challenges that confront our world now? For TEAR, we always seek to go back to our partners around the world and ask them what the primary issues they are facing are. When we did this recently, what arose were the twin topics of Women and Poverty and also Climate Change. #TEAR