Women in Leadership Mirroring God

A gender equality reading of the Bible reveals that God ordained leadership for both man and woman and that there are many instances of Biblical female characters acting as leaders and as public ministers. It is there for the viewing; you only need to look, really look to see it. It exists in the heart of the Trinity.

Mighty Teacher and Co-minister Priscilla

Paul’s view of ministry does not suggest either a hierarchical or an institutional perspective. Paul acknowledges the Priscilla and Aquila as his co-workers who risked “their necks for my life“(Romans 16:3-5).

The Mighty Leader and Judge, Deborah

Prophetess and judge. Deborah is the only judge that is also a prophet. She the first female judge across Israel’s vast history, “occupying the highest role of potential leadership”. Because we interpret the world through a male lens, female characters like Judge Deborah and Priscilla are often missed in our Bible reading and rarely are they actually taught on.

Women in Leadership

The question of women serving as Christian leaders is old, yet the debates continue to rage. In the USA not only are denominations caught up in this debate (particularly over women’s ordination), but the issue of women’s roles in the church, overall, envelopes evangelism; and divisions remain at every level of the evangelical community, including across denominations, seminaries, and local congregations.