Weeds, Wheat, Specks, Planks and Cult Thinking.

We must ask ourselves, is our life an example of an encounter with a loving and caring God. Are we growing the fruits of the Spirit, love, joy peace, long-suffering, goodness, meekness temperance, faith and distributing this fruit to everyone that we encounter? Or are our lives spent deciding who is and who is not worthy, who can and who can’t take part in our IN groups. The Franciscans have a saying: “Don’t expect a lot of freedom or permission from most religious people, but thank God, the gospel requires them to give you forgiveness.”

Monday’s Meditation: Weeds and Wheat

I was raised in a fundamental and moralistic religious group. They practised a doctrine of perfection that was presented as a carrot tied by string to the end of a stick. You could never quite achieve it, the rules kept changing and if you failed they hit you with the stick.

‘No one is ever quite pure enough, moral enough or holy enough or enough of an insider of the proper group’ (Rohr, Immortal Diamond).