Anthology on Prayer: Part Two

Prayer is a movement of the self toward the divine. It is, in the everydayness of life, a choosing to be present and a giving of ones attention to the God who is always present and attentive toward us. Prayer is simply conversation with God. It is endeavouring to live all of life with a constant awareness that he is with me and for me.

An Anthology on Prayer: Part One

Researchers have concluded that living in an attitude of prayerfulness can improve your health and help you live longer, and there’s evidence from the Harvard prayer project that suggests being prayed for by others can improve your chances of recovery from serious illness.

Help Me Understand Prayer

So when it comes to prayer, I am a bit shaky.   For some reason, all the steps and instructions that I used to know so well just don’t seem authentic anymore. Have I changed, have I gone backwards?  Or am I finding out that prayer is really not that complicated?  I really don’t know which is why I opened this article by saying that I am on a journey of unlearning.

What is Prayer?

While there are lots of ways to define prayer, let’s start with a really basic one: Prayer is opening yourself to God in the things that matter most to you.