Tuesday Talks: With Ken Wytsma

Shalom is much more than peace. In the Hebrew context, Shalom is thought of in relationship to the land, the soil and Gods creation. It is the opposite to no conflict. Shalom is when the eco system, the land and life is the way that it should be. It is when everything is flourishing, when everything is working the way that is should be.

The Sexualisation of Women

If women were truly equal, and treated with equality and respect, such treatment would be unthinkable. They wouldn’t be objectified, sexualised, and treated as fodder for the twin industries of prostitution and pornography. The second class status of women makes all this possible.

A Nation that Destroys its Soil Destroys Itself

We are dancing on the grave of an indigenous wisdom that farmed wildlife beautifully and was balanced and free of greed. Aborigines have been looking after the country long before the Brits rocked up in their ridiculous garb. But old British habits die hard (Rachael Treasure). Tuesday Talks: A nation that destroys its soil destroys itself

Tuesday Talks: The ‘C’ Word with Lisa Hunt-Wotton 

I know from experience that God is able to turn desolation into strength. He can turn mourning into dancing, he makes beauty from broken things, he gives the oil of joy for mourning and he can bring comfort and refreshing in times of weeping. I know because I have experienced it. He doesn’t remove the trial but he transforms you through it. Lisa Hunt-Wotton

Tuesday Talks with Rob and Linda Robertson

This Video went viral when Rob & Linda Robertson told their incredible story on June 20, 2013, at the last ever annual Exodus conference. It is their story of how God taught them, conservative, evangelical parents, how to TRULY love their gay son.

Tuesday Talks with Nicole Conner

Only love can bring healing, peace and reconciliation. Prejudice and fear never have and never will change anything, only radical, sacrificial love can do that. I hope that in times of tension and marginalisation the church can rise up in grace, kindness and welcome – maybe this time we can prove history wrong. Nicole Conner

Teenage Humiliation and Advice That Can go Very Wrong – by Lisa Hunt-Wotton

We should use wisdom and discernment with every piece of advice that we are given. I’m sure that gleamy helmet hair looked good on someone, just not on a 13 year old Betty Spaghetti.

One Woman’s Story of Domestic Violence

Abuse is not acceptable in any relationship, it is not a Christian principle, nor does the bible support abuse in any circumstances.