Teenage Humiliation and Advice That Can go Very Wrong – by Lisa Hunt-Wotton

We should use wisdom and discernment with every piece of advice that we are given. I’m sure that gleamy helmet hair looked good on someone, just not on a 13 year old Betty Spaghetti.

What is Kindness?

Kind people are generally physically and psychologically healthier; they attract more intimate relationships; their marriages are happier; they touch more lives and are touched more by others.

Twins; Mercy & Truth, Peace & Righteousness do you know them?

When I look at social media and the news today and hear harsh and often condemning outpouring of people, often Christians, about topics like abortion, homosexuality, feminism, gender equality. I think, why is it so fuelled by fear and uncompromising rhetoric. Where is the Mercy? Where is the peace? by Lisa Hunt-Wotton