God Is Us

Either God is moving in and through you or He is not moving at all.   It is a process of loving and being loved.   As soon as you lock down, take sides,  stand back, isolate.  God is not moving through you.  As soon as you start thinking dualistically, you have stepped outside of the flow of God.

Mama Mia! God as Mother?

Is the Trinity an all-male club or is there room for an understanding of God in feminine relationships that equally affirms relationships between women? As I pose this question, I can only imagine that some readers may have imploded in front of their computers or iPads like the bird on Shrek! However, we must allow ourselves the privilege of critical thought and recognize that these questions are not sacrilege. Mary Daly, the 1970s American feminist, jolts us in the implications of how we answer: “If God is male, then male is God.” If we use exclusive masculine language in our reference to the Trinity, are we not depicting God in a manner that removes women from inclusivity of relationship with and through the divine?

Women in Leadership Mirroring God

A gender equality reading of the Bible reveals that God ordained leadership for both man and woman and that there are many instances of Biblical female characters acting as leaders and as public ministers. It is there for the viewing; you only need to look, really look to see it. It exists in the heart of the Trinity.

Barriers to Reconciliation: Pastoral Concerns Merging

Reconciliation begins when we find the courage to take ownership of pain and suffering; including our own. Reconciliation begins when we ‘lose ourselves’ in this ownership: no longer do we deny the conditions of trauma but instead we embrace difference through partnering, together, in the search for transformation. Dr Jehan Loza