When Suffering Comes from an Angle you Never Expected.

All transformation comes through the pathways of love and suffering. The most amazing thing about Jesus is that he taught us that God and change are to be found in mess, darkness, weakness, imperfection and disorder. While you are cowering in a dark valley it is impossible to understand what is happening to you. You have to trust the darkness and wait. Light is a gift that suffering leaves behind. Out of the cold hard winter ground a new springtime of possibilities begin to arise.

Where Are You God?

At the time of my husband’s death I saw Jesus primarily as a problem solver. If he would just appear then he would take away this horrific pain. If he had done that then I would have missed the lesson on how pain can be used to transform us.
Suffering seems to be the only thing that gets our immediate attention. It makes us realise we are not in control.

What is Your Story?

Your story is a powerful tool. Story opens up our hearts, it gives us perspective and understanding. Our life is our story and our story is our life. Every one of us is born into life a blank page and every person leaves life as a full book. For some of us our lives become a series of books and epistles.

This House was Made by a 1000 Hands.

Our lives have been shaped by a 1000 hands. When you look at your life what do you see? We are all a product of our upbringing, society, parents, step-parents, family, schooling, community. None of us stand alone, we are all shaped by 1000 hands. The difference is that now we can choose the hands that shape us.

Friday Arts Day

Taking in the glory of nature at the top of a mountain peak, joining in a song of worship or viewing a breathtakingly beautiful piece of art are some of the experiences that fill us with awe and make us feel most alive. And according to new research, moments like this are both spiritually invigorating and good for our physical and mental health.