Mighty Teacher and Co-minister Priscilla

Paul’s view of ministry does not suggest either a hierarchical or an institutional perspective. Paul acknowledges the Priscilla and Aquila as his co-workers who risked “their necks for my life“(Romans 16:3-5).

The Emerging Church Part 2 with Dr John Drane

However we look at it, the emerging church is a melting pot of many different ideas and themes. It also represents a different style of operation than we have traditionally worked with, and in the process raises some big questions for the church at large, both traditional and emerging.

The Emerging Church: Dr John Drane Part 1

Ten years ago, the term ‘emerging church’ would have been unknown. Today it is impossible to go very far – certainly in the church culture of the UK, USA and Australasia – without encountering both the word and the reality which it describes.

Thursday Theology: Radical Teachings of Jesus 1 & 2

Being a disciple of Jesus is a lifelong journey towards conforming ourselves to the image and way of life that Jesus taught. Return to the Gospels and begin to reshape your faith and life around the way and teachings of our Master, Jesus. Brandan Robertson

Pastoral Survival Guide: Pastoral Challenges Today

Pastoral Survival Guide: Part 1  by Rowland Croucher Introduction: Pastoral Challenges Today 1. Relationship with God 2. Family-of-Origin 3. Mentors and Networks 4. Leadership and Interpersonal Skills 5. Home and Marriage 6. Stress Management 7. Problem-Solving 8. The… Read More