The Emerging Church Part 2 with Dr John Drane

However we look at it, the emerging church is a melting pot of many different ideas and themes. It also represents a different style of operation than we have traditionally worked with, and in the process raises some big questions for the church at large, both traditional and emerging.

What is a Reconciling Mission?

Reconciliation can only be achieved when community division and injustice to those who are excluded, marginalised, or silenced is addressed (Kaggwa 2003). Essentially, therefore, at the heart of reconciliation lies the juxtaposition between conflict and redemption (a healing of relationships).

How Pushing A Wheelchair Ruined My Theology and Gave Me Faith

I feel closer to Mother Teresa than the pop theology of a wealthy preacher. It is sobering to look in the eye of a special needs child, or the dying in the case of Mother Teresa, because whatever view you conclude it will quickly become superficial.

Tuesday Talks with John and Olive Drane

Theological reflection is being aware of who we are, how are our lives developing and connecting with both sides of our brain. Who does God want me to be and what does that mean? Dr John Drane.