Our obsession with youth and our disconnection with death by Lisa Hunt-Wotton

We live in a society that adores, worships youth. It leaves no place for ageing, multigenerational honour or death. Whilst other cultures embrace, normalise and ritualise the death experience, we in the Western world do everything we can to distance ourselves from it.

Tuesday Talks: with Fiona Kat Pickersgill

In the philosophical worldviews known as ‘ecofeminism,’ it is believed that systems of domination are interlinked. Negative forms of domination, whether a violent society that threatens its members with persecution, or a power-imbalanced relationship where one spouse controls and harms the other, are all issues that must be addressed.

Jesus and exclusion by Lisa Hunt-Wotton

The clear teaching of Jesus is forgiveness and love of enemy. This is non negotiable. The ability to respond to the outsider is probably the true litmus test of a believer. The ability to respect the outsider is probably the litmus test of true seeing (Rohr).

Friday Arts Day: Never underestimate the power of Art with Lisa Hunt-Wotton

Art should push boundaries, it should be controversial. If it’s not forcing people to think, to object, to question, to wonder then it’s not doing its job. Art is prophetic. It has the ability to change atmospheres and to disturb realities.

What is Intersex?

Intersex people are born with biological elements from both sexes. In this lovely 3 min video these beautiful young people talk about what its like to be born intersex.

Determination through Disasters

How difficult it must be for people in wheelchairs or on crutches who have lost homes that were equipped with ramps and accessories. And for those who cannot see, there are now obstacles to overcome, as familiar paths have been destroyed. Phil Wilkerson

Twins; Mercy & Truth, Peace & Righteousness do you know them?

When I look at social media and the news today and hear harsh and often condemning outpouring of people, often Christians, about topics like abortion, homosexuality, feminism, gender equality. I think, why is it so fuelled by fear and uncompromising rhetoric. Where is the Mercy? Where is the peace? by Lisa Hunt-Wotton

Celtic Spirituality in the Australian Landscape by Ray Simpson and Brent Lyons

Traditionally, spirituality is concerned with the human spirit as distinct from the purely materialistic view of life. Spirituality helps us in our struggle to determine who we are (our being) and how we live our lives in this world (our doing). It combines our basic philosophy towards life, our vision and our values, with our conduct and practice.