Friday Arts Day: Redeeming Sex

We must lead with our embrace, not our theology. Radical engagement and loving of the other earns us the right to speak. Discover a holistic, biblical vision of sex and gender that honors God and offers good news to the world. Redeeming Sex with Deb Hirsch.

Happy Fathers Day – Only Ten Years by Jay McNeill

The times I feel most fulfilled are when I am thrust into a problem solving situation with my daughters – this is my sweet spot. At least for now, my daughters care about my opinion. That will probably change in the next few years and hopefully I’ll be important again after they turn 21!

The Emerging Church: Dr John Drane Part 1

Ten years ago, the term ‘emerging church’ would have been unknown. Today it is impossible to go very far – certainly in the church culture of the UK, USA and Australasia – without encountering both the word and the reality which it describes.

What is the Link between Sexuality and Spirituality? with Deb Hirsch

Nothing has exposed the gap between the church and the broader society quite like the cultural argument over sexuality. here is a link between Sexuality and Spirituality. This understanding shifts the way you think about sexuality. Spirituality is our longing to know and be known by the other – out there – spiritually. Sexuality is the desire to know and be known by the other – humanity. Deb Hirsch

Intra-congregational Conflict by Dr Jehan Loza

Conflict is an inevitable part of human existence and interaction. It has existed since the beginning of time. Despite the research that claims that intra-congregational conflict has negative outcomes, there is other, more compelling, research that shows that conflict is a necessary requirement, even an asset, for one’s spiritual growth.

Intra-congregational Conflict by Dr Jehan Loza

Scripture does not contain a verse that defines the mission of the church. For some writers, the mission of the church is altogether spiritual – “God’s mission to bring about the blessing of the nations and redemption of creation”. For others, it is purely relational – the church is “a living body that relates to or interacts with people” . For others still, the mission of the church is “a continuation of Christ’s earthly ministry”.

What is a Reconciling Mission?

Reconciliation can only be achieved when community division and injustice to those who are excluded, marginalised, or silenced is addressed (Kaggwa 2003). Essentially, therefore, at the heart of reconciliation lies the juxtaposition between conflict and redemption (a healing of relationships).

What is Spiritual Abuse?

“Spiritual abuse can occur when a leader uses his or her spiritual position to control or dominate another person. It often involves overriding the feelings and opinions of another, without regard to what will result in the other person’s state of living, emotions or spiritual well-being” (Johnson).