Rhythm, Solitude and Creation

How does our heart become one with God? We connect to the heart of God, creation and the contemporary world through the rhythms of prayer, contemplation and solitude. These are the three things that unite us with God. Ray Simpson

Family Violence

Women have the right to live free from fear and violence. Everyone has the right to be treated with respect and to live free from fear. Nobody has the right to abuse you or control you. Women are not responsible for the violent behaviour of men – not ever. Family Violence WIRE 1300 134 130

What is a Cult? by Lisa Hunt-Wotton

Cult leaders will tell you can only be “saved” in their organization alone. No other organization has the truth, all others miss the mark. So it is not the belief system that decides your future, but it the belief system AND your membership with that particular group.

In the Name of God: Reflections on Bullying and Religion by Nicole Conner

Perhaps one of the most common forms of bullying is in faith communities themselves. Those deemed spiritual leaders can suggest various things from a place of ‘spiritual authority’ that really is a form of bullying. Most often, both sides believe they have God on their side and therefore the despicable behaviour and/or words are justified. Religious bullies often think themselves as ‘prophetic’, bearers of the truth, and apart from feeling persecuted, they are generally angry with this ‘wicked’ world.

Tuesday Talks with Rob and Linda Robertson

This Video went viral when Rob & Linda Robertson told their incredible story on June 20, 2013, at the last ever annual Exodus conference. It is their story of how God taught them, conservative, evangelical parents, how to TRULY love their gay son.

Pornification of Girlhood

The world needs girls who desire to be whole, well rounded, citizens of the world—and adults who will facilitate this. We need to insist they (and all of us) deserve better. We all need a world that makes true human development possible. Melinda Tankard Reist.

Justice – Through the eyes of Artists

At the recent ‘Justice Conference’ in Melbourne, Artists from Tabor College were encouraged to prepare a piece of work on the topic of Justice and its personal implications for them as Artists. This post showcases some of their work.

Sexuality and Spirituality – ‘The Link’ by Deb Hirsch.

The link between sexuality and spirituality is a real problem for Christians who tend to compartmentalise them both. Our sexuality is a God given gift that is a healthy expression of who we are and we need to be more free in the way that we relate to one another. This is a 4 min video by Deb Hirsch