Spotlight on Suicide

It is important that we promote wellbeing and resilience.  Isolation is the leading cause of suicide, so places of community, acceptance and inclusion are vital.  We need to create conditions within the community that create wellbeing.

Why We Aren’t Better At Preventing Suicide — TIME

Robin Williams’ tragic death re-ignites long-asked questions about why it’s so challenging to identify and help those at highest risk of self-harm

Is Suicide a Sin? 

What makes a person’s behaviour suicidal? Is suicide morally permissible, or even morally required in some extraordinary circumstances? Is suicidal behaviour rational? So while there are still many other things to be said here, I think we can confidently entrust our loved ones to the care of God, regardless of how they end their days.

Suicide Myths and Questions

Suicide is secretive, shameful, hidden. It is rarely talked about. Depression is often the cause of suicide and it is often seen as the answer to depression. About 70% of people talk about their desire to suicide, therefore friends and family who are close to an individual are in the best position to spot these warning signs.

Homosexuality and Human Rights

Each church must arrive at its own conclusion about LGBT theology and that journey will take time. ​I urge Christian leaders, regardless of theology, to make love and compassion their mandate. To unite specifically around ending hate-crimes and addressing the high levels of self-harm, depression and suicide among LGBT teens. ​We can create the tipping point. Vicky Beeching