When Suffering Comes from an Angle you Never Expected.

All transformation comes through the pathways of love and suffering. The most amazing thing about Jesus is that he taught us that God and change are to be found in mess, darkness, weakness, imperfection and disorder. While you are cowering in a dark valley it is impossible to understand what is happening to you. You have to trust the darkness and wait. Light is a gift that suffering leaves behind. Out of the cold hard winter ground a new springtime of possibilities begin to arise.

Lisa’s Story: The Path of Courage

More than comfort, money or fame; my legacy to my children is the example of my life. Yes, bad things happen, but you are able to survive. More importantly, you have the resilience you need to thrive. You can live in Shalom. You can flourish through the journey of suffering. You can live in community with others as gracious, loving, merciful and compassionate human beings. Everyone has the right to belong. Everyone has a story to tell and everyone deserves to be heard.

Where Are You God?

At the time of my husband’s death I saw Jesus primarily as a problem solver. If he would just appear then he would take away this horrific pain. If he had done that then I would have missed the lesson on how pain can be used to transform us.
Suffering seems to be the only thing that gets our immediate attention. It makes us realise we are not in control.

The Way We Were by Nicole Conner

There was a time when I thought that suffering was a strange phenomena, now I stand at the foot of a bloody cross and wonder “what the hell was I thinking?” There was a time when I though God had cursed the lepers in our community – nowadays I realise He is the leper that our Christian communities often curse. Nicole Conner

The Lord is a Safe Place in Time of Trouble.

Today you may be feeling like the hills are melting. Things that in the past have been solid and strong may be shifting and falling. Or strong winds of adversity may be throwing you around. The prophet is assuring us that God is good and that we can take refuge in Him even when the very foundations are shifting around us.

How to Creatively Connect with God Part 2

This post will look at how it becomes increasingly impossible to connect with others, ourselves or God when we are constantly running around the edge of the wheel instead of being centred in the middle. We are a circumference people with little access to the centre – Rohr.

The Hidden, Chronic Pain of Grief

This article written by John Pavlovitz is a very important insight into grief.  I completely resonate with this.   Grief is difficult to articulate and even harder to live with. X.     Lisa The Hidden, Chronic Pain… Read More

No, Everything Does Not Happen for a Reason by John Pavlovitz

Suffering as a sacred space. It’s not a supernatural cause-and-effect experiment from the sky, specifically designed to do something to us or in us.