Childhood Trauma Leads to Lifelong Chronic Illness

Stress is a condition or feeling experienced when a person perceives that “demands exceed the personal and social resources the individual is able to mobilize.” Trauma does not just encompass extremes like kidnapping, extreme abuse or torture. It also is experienced in parental divorce, bullying, retrenchment, retirement, abandonment or rejection.

Why are Our Kids Feeling So Stressed?

“Social media makes you feel like you should look a certain way and girls are not happy with the comparisons so they hurt themselves”. “Self harm is so common in my friendship group. There are websites which tell you how to self harm like: The Top ten ways to self harm”.

15 Small Steps You Can Take Today to Improve Anxiety Symptoms by Margarita Tartakovsky

“One of the most important things one can do [to cope with anxiety] is to get regular cardiovascular exercise,” Corboy said. For instance, a brisk 30- to 60-minute walk “releases endorphins that lead to a reduction in anxiety.”

7 Benefits of Meditation

In a study last year, people who took eight weeks of mindfulness meditation training had far fewer cases of colds and flu and less severe infections compared to a group of non-meditators.

Monday’s Meditation: Exercise in Mindfulness

Mindfulness skills help us to focus our attention when we are overwhelmed by strong emotions. It can help with how we cope with everyday life or deal with tough times, and there are great benefits for our physical and mental health.