Monday’s Meditation: Solitude, Community, Ministry

Jesus spent the night in prayer. That’s a picture of the fact that prayer is not something you always feel. It’s not a voice you always hear with these ears, it’s not always an insight that suddenly comes to you in your little mind. Henri Nouwen

Monday’s Meditation: Solitude, Community, Ministry.

Jesus established the true order for spiritual work. In the spiritual life, the word discipline means ‘the effort to create some space in which God can act”. Henri Nouwen

Characteristics of Pastors who make the distance: Spiritual Disciplines

Silence is ‘the royal road to spiritual formation’ (Nouwen). It is not just the absence of noise, but an opportunity to listen to the still small voice of the Spirit. ‘Meditation’ is a way for Scripture to be internalised not merely (as in Transcendental Meditation) a technique to ‘calm down’. by Rowland Croucher