Does our Sexuality Define Us?

In this never before seen video Tony Campolo speaks candidly about the sexuality of men and women and the redemption of our sexuality through Jesus. Only the miracle of the spirit will enable us to become whole people. Jesus came to make us whole. Our sexuality does define us because society has told us how we should be. Jesus came and said, be like me. We can recover the dimensions of our personality that culture has suppressed. If we are going to be complete human beings we have to recover those parts of humanity that society has suppressed. The gospel empowers us to recreate the lost part of our humanity. To men I say become like Jesus, to women I say become like Jesus. There is neither male or female we become one in Christ Jesus.

Sexuality and Spirituality – ‘The Link’ by Deb Hirsch.

The link between sexuality and spirituality is a real problem for Christians who tend to compartmentalise them both. Our sexuality is a God given gift that is a healthy expression of who we are and we need to be more free in the way that we relate to one another. This is a 4 min video by Deb Hirsch

Friday Arts Day: Redeeming Sex

We must lead with our embrace, not our theology. Radical engagement and loving of the other earns us the right to speak. Discover a holistic, biblical vision of sex and gender that honors God and offers good news to the world. Redeeming Sex with Deb Hirsch.

What is the Link between Sexuality and Spirituality? with Deb Hirsch

Nothing has exposed the gap between the church and the broader society quite like the cultural argument over sexuality. here is a link between Sexuality and Spirituality. This understanding shifts the way you think about sexuality. Spirituality is our longing to know and be known by the other – out there – spiritually. Sexuality is the desire to know and be known by the other – humanity. Deb Hirsch