Hold Your Fire (To Those Who Would Harm Themselves)

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This is a message to all the brave, exhausted soldiers out there doing battle. Those fighting hand to hand, this silent civil war. Like all wars, the trenches are bloody and brutal, and so very wasteful. And I’m…

Trying to Understand Self Harm?

If you or someone you know is self harming it is crucial that you understand why people self harm. Understand the myths around this topic and know the steps to take to get help. In many cases self-harm is not intended to be fatal, but should still be taken seriously. While it might seem counter-intuitive, in many cases, people use self-harm as a coping mechanism to continue to live rather than end their life .

Why are Our Kids Feeling So Stressed?

“Social media makes you feel like you should look a certain way and girls are not happy with the comparisons so they hurt themselves”. “Self harm is so common in my friendship group. There are websites which tell you how to self harm like: The Top ten ways to self harm”.