The Role of Men in Our Society

If a young man between the ages of 13 – 18 is not presented with something that is big and challenging, he doesn’t think his life has any meaning.  On top of this, the fathers/leaders of our society have nothing more to add.  Today we have a lot of old men who really have nothing to say. Worse than that, many young men have no role models that are worth following.  Just look at the rise of aggression, domestic violence, alcoholism and apathy of some men in our society.  There needs to be a mentoring and support programmes built around such rites of passage. The boy needs to be helped in his transition from boy to man by older men who are wise and supportive. 

Our obsession with youth and our disconnection with death by Lisa Hunt-Wotton

We live in a society that adores, worships youth. It leaves no place for ageing, multigenerational honour or death. Whilst other cultures embrace, normalise and ritualise the death experience, we in the Western world do everything we can to distance ourselves from it.

Ritual on Grieving for Divorced Couples

In the hope of giving you language and ritual for grief, I pray that this helps ease the pain and the suffering of those who are grieving and for those of you who have been lucky enough not to have suffered this magnitude of loss, I pray that this will educate and inform you to walk with compassion, comfort and love with those who are in this dark valley