Another Year Bites The Dust

As 2018 flows into the history books I come to terms with the  death of a father and dear family friend. I look back in amazement and watch my heart expand with ferocious love toward a precious brand new grand-daughter.  I look with admiration at my children who stun me with their kindness,  generosity of spirit, incredible capacity and their ancient wisdom.  

It is important to look back, to reflect but we cannot stay in that space.  Many people spend their life looking back at what they deem are their best days.  They spend far to many hours trying to re-create those moments.  It is a futile effort. Looking back helps us to understand life but true living can only happen forwards.  True life only happens in the creation of new moments.

Where did New Years Resolutions Come From?

I have made my fair share of New Years Resolutions and every year I attend some kind of New Years Eve event with friends and family. Have you ever thought about where these customs originated? Do you realise that these customs of resolutions and celebrating a New Year are actually based on pagan rituals celebrating pagan Gods?