God Is Us

Either God is moving in and through you or He is not moving at all.   It is a process of loving and being loved.   As soon as you lock down, take sides,  stand back, isolate.  God is not moving through you.  As soon as you start thinking dualistically, you have stepped outside of the flow of God.

To The Loved Ones Who’ve Gone Silent

Originally posted on john pavlovitz:
Over the last few months as I’ve talked with people reeling from the devastation of fractured relationships, those standing beneath the painful fallout of lost and broken friendships, marriages, and family bonds; a simple but tragic truth keeps repeating…

Pastoral Survival Guide: Pastoral Challenges Today

Pastoral Survival Guide: Part 1  by Rowland Croucher Introduction: Pastoral Challenges Today 1. Relationship with God 2. Family-of-Origin 3. Mentors and Networks 4. Leadership and Interpersonal Skills 5. Home and Marriage 6. Stress Management 7. Problem-Solving 8. The… Read More