I See You

I See You! by Nicole Conner Today Nicole talks to us about empathy and compassion.  I loved this article.  I love the way that it challenges our silence.  It is so easy for us in our apathy to… Read More

No Easy Answers: Praying for Peace in Afghanistan

“An enemy is someone who’s story you have not heard yet” Lisa. This is an awareness piece on Afghanistan and gives some insight as to why people are fleeing to Europe. It is important that we understand the root causes of the exodus of millions of people from their home countries. This piece was originally posted by TEAR Australia in Stories for Tomorrow.

Over a Million Refugees Reached Europe by Sea in 2015, the U.N. Says

More than 80% landed in Greece, with most of the rest making landfall in Italy http://time.com/4163932/europe-sea-migrant-crisis-refugees-arrivals-million/   You can also read more about the issue and the work of Samaritans Purse here.

Deepening Refugee Crisis in Ethiopia, Somalia and Yemen.

We must never forget the circumstances – the horror and hardship – people are fleeing.