Lets Get This Arty Started, Poetry with Cameron Semmens

If you’re not truly expressing
you’re probably unduly repressing, cruelly oppressing, or really depressing to be with.
From the bottom of my art
I beg of you –CREATE like your life depends on it (‘cos it does).
Cameron Semmens

Awaken the Spirit: Interview with Author Jay Jeffries

Awaken the Spirit is both intriguing and exciting. It skillfully fuses Sacred Texts (from the Bible), plus strong and evocative imagery, with reflection and meditation and the insights of personal experience. In one way this is a ‘safe’ book – it is accessible for just about anyone, whatever their spiritual path. It is exploratory and not assertive. In another way this is a risky book – it invites not only our interest but also our response. It connects us to our spiritual selves and our spiritual selves to a God who reveals in the world around and in the stories and discoveries of godly people through history and now, and most specifically to the life and teaching of Jesus and his followers.

We Tell Stories

We Tell Stories is just one of 10 performance poems on the Album Welcome Home. Genre-bending and ground breaking, this album is like nothing you have encountered before. Call it intimate, acoustic-driven, folk-rock poetry; or perhaps a mash up of Passenger, Sigur Ros and Daughter sitting beneath passionately delivered spoken word. Whatever you call it, you need to listen to truly ‘get it’, and once you have you will want more.

The Weight of Things Un-named

Pain too is a baptism.
Perhaps in the end they are one and the same sacrament–
A Dying,
a drowning,
a beginning again. byJoel McKerrow

Friday Arts Day with Joel McKerrow

‘In a time when politics, theology, and other important avenues of human intercourse suffer from a flatness of prose and a vacuum of meaning,
Joel walks on stage just when we need him,
sounding off with all the craft of a first-rate poet and all the verve of a first-rate performer.’
Joel McKerrow

Hope for Tomorrow

In scripture we read of a better tomorrow. A tomorrow of justice, hope and peace. A tomorrow where every tear will be wiped away, the light of a new day will dawn and all will know the fullness of life in Christ. We live forTomorrow.

You Bring the Story, I Bring the Coffee

Cameron Semmens is a Melbourne-based, award-winning poet, entertainer, poetry educator, with 16 books and 4 CDs of his poetry published to date. He makes his living with words.

Poem: ‘Reclaim Australia’ by Joel McKerrow

This bloody mass of muscle, this bigot heart, this colonised, this racist nation inside us, it needs…reclaiming. Joel McKerrow.