Friday Arts Day with Joel McKerrow

‘In a time when politics, theology, and other important avenues of human intercourse suffer from a flatness of prose and a vacuum of meaning,
Joel walks on stage just when we need him,
sounding off with all the craft of a first-rate poet and all the verve of a first-rate performer.’
Joel McKerrow

You Bring the Story, I Bring the Coffee

Cameron Semmens is a Melbourne-based, award-winning poet, entertainer, poetry educator, with 16 books and 4 CDs of his poetry published to date. He makes his living with words.

Friday Arts Day: TEDx The Power of Story with Joel McKerrow

Joel explores the poetics of identity through the use of words. The power of storytelling is shared historically and globally. Our stories become us.

Friday Arts Day: Album Release with Joel McKerrow

Genre-bending and ground breaking, this album is like nothing you have encountered before. Call it intimate, acoustic-driven, folk-rock poetry; or perhaps a mash up of Passenger, Sigur Ros and Daughter sitting beneath passionately delivered spoken word. Whatever you call it, you need to listen to truly ‘get it’, and once you have you will want more.