Melbourne Gospel Choir – Christmas Live in the Streets

Melbourne Gospel Choir – Christmas Live in the Streets As we lead into the Christmas season I have asked a few of my amazing friends to chat with me about Christmas.  What are they up to and what… Read More

Interview with Vita Adam

New single by Vita Adam “Own It”, was co written with Andy De Silva and is all about changing culture. “Own It” is all about taking back words that we use every day, words with meaning that are often distorted by pop culture or the media, and redefining their definitions and the images attached to them. What is hot? Sexy? Provocative? Beautiful? If we google these words, there is a very high percentage of over sexualised images attached to them. It’s about understanding that every single one of us has the power to be a culture changer, and it begins with how we think, speak and therefore behave. We are all leaders, regardless of our age or whether we are up on a platform or not. So get excited and “Own It”.

Thoughts on Worship by Jay McNeill

It is jarring to me when some assume everyone’s pathway to God is through worship music. Everyone loves music but that doesn’t mean it is an individuals pathway to spirituality. If I were honest, I would say standing in a worship service rarely connects me to God, in fact, I can find it distracting. My pathway to spirituality is primarily in nature. by Jay McNeill

Friday Arts Day: Create Space in Warrandyte

Create Space is an artist run collaboration that aims to create community and shared experiences for artists based in the Melbourne Warrandyte area. We currently have around 11 artists who use this space. The vision is that is be an interactive space where patrons of the cafe can interact, watch what is developing and also either commission or purchase pieces.