Rhythm, Solitude and Creation

How does our heart become one with God? We connect to the heart of God, creation and the contemporary world through the rhythms of prayer, contemplation and solitude. These are the three things that unite us with God. Ray Simpson

What does Hope look like in Nepal?

In His name the nations will hope -The reality is that the nations will only find out about the love of Jesus through us. We are the hands and feet of Jesus in this world today. What can we do to be the bearers of Hope? What does Hope look like in Nepal

Mondays Meditation: Solitude, Community, Ministry

It’s precicsliy in the hub, in that communion with God, that we discover the call to community. It’s remarkable that solitude always calls us to community. In solitude you realise you’re part of a human family and that you want to lift something together.
Henri Nouwen

Monday’s Meditation: Solitude, Community, Ministry

Jesus spent the night in prayer. That’s a picture of the fact that prayer is not something you always feel. It’s not a voice you always hear with these ears, it’s not always an insight that suddenly comes to you in your little mind. Henri Nouwen

Monday’s Meditation: Solitude, Community, Ministry.

Jesus established the true order for spiritual work. In the spiritual life, the word discipline means ‘the effort to create some space in which God can act”. Henri Nouwen

Monday’s Meditation: Weeds and Wheat

I was raised in a fundamental and moralistic religious group. They practised a doctrine of perfection that was presented as a carrot tied by string to the end of a stick. You could never quite achieve it, the rules kept changing and if you failed they hit you with the stick.

‘No one is ever quite pure enough, moral enough or holy enough or enough of an insider of the proper group’ (Rohr, Immortal Diamond).

Monday’s Meditation: Exercise in Mindfulness

Mindfulness skills help us to focus our attention when we are overwhelmed by strong emotions. It can help with how we cope with everyday life or deal with tough times, and there are great benefits for our physical and mental health.