Pay Per View Torture: Why Are Australian Telcos and ISPs Enabling a Child Sexual Abuse Pandemic?

To all the piteous horrors inflicted on the youngest members of the human family around the world, a new atrocity has been added: “Live Distant Child Abuse.” There is a growing pandemic of this practice of paid-per-view torture. Melinda Tankard Reist

The End of Patriarchy

What if instead of desperately seeking hot sex, we searched for a way to produce light when we touch? What if such touch were about finding a way to create light between people so that we could see ourselves and each other better? If the goal is knowing ourselves and each other like that, then what we need is not really heat but light ton illuminate the path. How do we touch and talk to each other to shine that light? Robert Jensen

Growing up in Pornland: Australian girls have had it with porn-conditioned boys

Pornography is molding and conditioning the sexual behaviours and attitudes of boys, and girls are being left without the resources to deal with this reality.

My own engagement with young women over the last few years in schools around Australia confirms that we are conducting a pornographic experiment on young people — an assault on their healthy sexual development. Melinda Tankard Reist

The Sexualisation of Women

If women were truly equal, and treated with equality and respect, such treatment would be unthinkable. They wouldn’t be objectified, sexualised, and treated as fodder for the twin industries of prostitution and pornography. The second class status of women makes all this possible.

Pornification of Girlhood

The world needs girls who desire to be whole, well rounded, citizens of the world—and adults who will facilitate this. We need to insist they (and all of us) deserve better. We all need a world that makes true human development possible. Melinda Tankard Reist.

Supersexualise Me – WHAT

Many girls say they would rather be hit by a truck than be fat. I know of a fit and healthy five-year-old who won’t go swimming because, she says, people would laugh at her and say she’s too fat. Eight-year-old girls are admitted to hospital with eating disorders. Schoolgirls develop ranking systems on the basis of ‘hotness,’ resulting in guaranteed misery for the girl with the lowest ranking.