The Funeral Industry and our Disconnection from Death

Our society is terrified of death. We work tirelessly to keep it at bay, we teach our children to fear it, because we fail to teach them about it. So when it comes we are shocked and unprepared to accept the loss. A culture that is in denial will always struggle with acceptance.

The Weight of Things Un-named

Pain too is a baptism.
Perhaps in the end they are one and the same sacrament–
A Dying,
a drowning,
a beginning again. byJoel McKerrow

Our obsession with youth and our disconnection with death by Lisa Hunt-Wotton

We live in a society that adores, worships youth. It leaves no place for ageing, multigenerational honour or death. Whilst other cultures embrace, normalise and ritualise the death experience, we in the Western world do everything we can to distance ourselves from it.