Find Your Quiet Place

Our hearts are restless until they find their rest in you. Find your quiet place wherever you are and listen. Nature is the best place to draw us into silence and solitude. It refreshes us, resets our souls and re-directs our spirits and thoughts to the things that truly matter. We need to rest our bodies but we also need to rest our minds. Our minds are bombarded all day. As Henri Nouwen says we need to convert our unceasing thoughts into unceasing prayer, or unceasing meditation.

Everything is Awful and I’m Not Okay

How would you respond if you got the comment, “Everything is awful and I’m not okay”? Here are some questions to ask yourself or someone if they feel that everything is awful and they are not okay.

Characteristics of Pastors who make the distance: Saints and Pharisees

The saint lives easily with questions, paradox, antinomy, mystery; Pharisees try to be ‘wiser than God’ and resolve all mysteries into neat formulas: they want answers, now. The saint listens, in solitude and silence; the Pharisee fills the void with sound. by Rowland Croucher