Easter Saturday. The In-between Day

It’s Easter Saturday.  The in-between day. For many of us Easter is about  extra holidays, easter eggs, hot cross buns, camping, and maybe the obligatory trip to Church to celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We don’t… Read More

Forty Years in a Narrow Space

We left a secure place where we knew the rules for uncharted waters where nothing was certain. That process launched us into an emotional and spiritual journey that we did not expect, and barely knew how to articulate. We had to learn to see in new ways, to listen in new ways, and then learn a new language to describe what we were seeing.

The Space Between Worlds

Liminal space, The space between worlds. A portal of pain beyond your control. No way to go back, No way to move forward. Until you drop the anchor of anger which tethers you to an impossible past.

Thought Bubbles and Sound Bites by Lisa Hunt-Wotton

At some time we have all have been thrown in a pit, thrown out of the boat, thrown out of Egypt. The cross is about how to stand against hate without becoming hate yourself. Its about forgiving people who lie about us, betray us, reject us.