Welcoming but not Affirming: Getting to the Slippery Truth

“As a survivor of the gay conversion movement, it feels amazing to know that our experiences are being heard nationally and that there is finally research that confirms the prevalence and damage of the gay conversion movement in Australia… The messaging of the movement that told me that I was “broken” has caused long-term damage to me” – Chris Csabs, survivor.

Tuesday Talks with Rob and Linda Robertson

This Video went viral when Rob & Linda Robertson told their incredible story on June 20, 2013, at the last ever annual Exodus conference. It is their story of how God taught them, conservative, evangelical parents, how to TRULY love their gay son.

Tuesday Talks: Vicky Beeching on Homosexuality and Human Rights

Each church must arrive at its own conclusion about LGBT theology and that journey will take time. ​I urge Christian leaders, regardless of theology, to make love and compassion their mandate. To unite specifically around ending hate-crimes and addressing the high levels of self-harm, depression and suicide among LGBT teens. ​We can create the tipping point. Vicky Beeching

Tuesday Talks with Nicole Conner

Only love can bring healing, peace and reconciliation. Prejudice and fear never have and never will change anything, only radical, sacrificial love can do that. I hope that in times of tension and marginalisation the church can rise up in grace, kindness and welcome – maybe this time we can prove history wrong. Nicole Conner

What is Intersex?

Intersex people are born with biological elements from both sexes. In this lovely 3 min video these beautiful young people talk about what its like to be born intersex.