Where Are the Heroes?

Imagine if followers of Christ actually did what they were supposed to do and followed the way that Jesus loved, freed, healed and included people.   The world would definitely be a better place.  It’s time for the Christian to come out from behind the walls of the church and actually practice the gospel of Jesus to a scared and anxious world.  Stop talking and teaching it and start doing it people.  Be the hero your neighbour and workmate is looking for.  Connect with your neighbours with unarmed kindness and NO AGENDA but love and friendship.  

The Sinking Island

If we consider that our world is so fragile and our modern worship of growth and progress is simply unsustainable, then we are sinking our own island. On the current trajectory of greed and violence, an end of the world as we know it is not just inevitable, it is necessary. Our pleasure-bound consumption, built on the deprivation of our global neighbour, has to sink! Nicole Conner

Pioneering Leadership by Dr John Drane

Where is God at work?

What does it mean for me and other Christians to get alongside what God is doing?’

How did people relate to Jesus? What kind of person was he?The most important gift of the Spirit for the 21st Century by far is discernment. Discerning where God is at work in the culture, discerning what is the appropriate way to connect with the culture, discerning who this person is or persons with whom I’m engaged at this point in time. Rev. Dr John Drane.

Women in Leadership

The question of women serving as Christian leaders is old, yet the debates continue to rage. In the USA not only are denominations caught up in this debate (particularly over women’s ordination), but the issue of women’s roles in the church, overall, envelopes evangelism; and divisions remain at every level of the evangelical community, including across denominations, seminaries, and local congregations.

Theology Thursday: Pastors Manifesto

A ‘profession’ is a group of people engaged in an occupation or calling whose competency depends upon specialised knowledge. A pastor’s ‘specialised knowledge’ is theology – knowledge of/about God. So their professionalism is enhanced by disciplined and prayerful reflection on how Christian faith impacts specific situations in the lives of people.

Pastoral Survival Guide: Pastoral Challenges Today

Pastoral Survival Guide: Part 1  by Rowland Croucher Introduction: Pastoral Challenges Today 1. Relationship with God 2. Family-of-Origin 3. Mentors and Networks 4. Leadership and Interpersonal Skills 5. Home and Marriage 6. Stress Management 7. Problem-Solving 8. The… Read More