Worship and Lament by Dr Jehan Loza

Lament has been systematically removed from most forms of worship within the Western Church, specifically the Western Pentecostal Church, to the point that it is no longer legitimate to offer a challenge, protest or complaint to God in worship. Hard to imagine any song for the Director of Music in the modern church commencing with:
How long, O Lord, Will you forget me forever, How long will you hide your face from me.

The Trouble with Lament by Lisa Hunt-Wotton

In this world of pain and conflict, who is doing the comforting? Lament is to admit that things have gone horribly wrong.

Tuesday Talks: With Ken Wytsma

Shalom is much more than peace. In the Hebrew context, Shalom is thought of in relationship to the land, the soil and Gods creation. It is the opposite to no conflict. Shalom is when the eco system, the land and life is the way that it should be. It is when everything is flourishing, when everything is working the way that is should be.

How to Creatively Connect with God Part 2

This post will look at how it becomes increasingly impossible to connect with others, ourselves or God when we are constantly running around the edge of the wheel instead of being centred in the middle. We are a circumference people with little access to the centre – Rohr.

The Problem With Lament is Economics

The more we deny a process of lament, the unhealthier we become – our bodies have a unique way of getting our attention. If we don’t embrace lament when pain visits, it will come out in other ways that are uncontrollable.