The Justice Conference 2017

The Justice Conference was birthed out of a simple idea and a compelling paradox – true life is found when we give our lives away on behalf of others. What if Christians truly lived out the message of Jesus and transformed their communities through their love and the practice of authentic justice?
“This year’s theme: love thy neighbour is a commandment that gives the power to transform communities through sacrificial love and the practice of authentic justice. Our hope is this expression pours out in many forms throughout the two days in October and beyond.”

Want an Amazing Life? Get Out Of The Box.

For goodness sake people.  Get Out of the Box by Lisa Hunt-Wotton Yesterday my son called to say that he had accepted the role of Technical Director in the Cirque de Soilel show ‘Luzia’.  Luzia is about light… Read More

The Grand Paradox by Ken Wytsma

‘Gods plan is that justice would once again prevail on earth, and His will for each of His followers is that they work in concert with Him to that end. That being so, we need to understand justice as central to our walking by faith, as our prayers serve to align our will with Gods will for a just world’ Ken Wytsma.

Get Out of the Box

Artists don’t like platitudes and easy answers. Artists navigate controversy, they see the injustices, they look through the bubble wrap that people cocoon themselves in, they see the paradox of life and the fact that broken-ness effects us all. We are mystics and misfits and we live in the margins and on the edges.

Tuesday Talks: With Ken Wytsma

Shalom is much more than peace. In the Hebrew context, Shalom is thought of in relationship to the land, the soil and Gods creation. It is the opposite to no conflict. Shalom is when the eco system, the land and life is the way that it should be. It is when everything is flourishing, when everything is working the way that is should be.

How Can We Promote Reconciliation Between the Australian Church and Aboriginal Australia?

How can a theology and practice of reconciliation promote intercultural contact and understanding in ways that can facilitate reconciliation between the Australian church and Aboriginal Australia?

Mercy is Not for the Fainthearted

We are compelled by God’s undeserved mercy for us to respond in mercy to the practical needs of others. God has been merciful to us, so we are called to be merciful to others.

Beyondering Episode 2: Peace and Justice – Beyond ourselves

Love isn’t soft; its fierce and unrelenting. It is something that disturbs and disrupts and yet heals.