Stepping Into The Minefield (To Those Who Love A Depressed Person)

Loving someone who struggles with depression is a costly investment. It’s hazard duty, plain and simple. It’s the brave and defiant act of heading directly into this dangerous head space and risking life and limb to get close to people when they least want you close and yet most need you to be. That proximity to another’s pain is as treacherous as it can be redemptive. John Pavlovitz

What Church People Really Need To Know About Once-Churched People

But what you need to know, Church People, is that there are other people too (lots of them, in fact); those who used to have those things and used to feel that way—but who no longer do. They are not at home in that building or connected to those people or confident in those creeds or comforted by those songs anymore. Their presence there doesn’t make them better or feel lighter or believe more deeply. It only leaves them feeling depleted and tired and sad.

No, Everything Does Not Happen for a Reason by John Pavlovitz

Suffering as a sacred space. It’s not a supernatural cause-and-effect experiment from the sky, specifically designed to do something to us or in us.

Don’t Outgrow Your Dreams by John Pavlovitz

Big people, Don’t lose that little people magic that keeps you wide-eyed and somersaulting. Don’t forget what possibility and expectancy feel like, even when you look in the mirror. Now that you’ve grown-up, don’t outgrow your dreams. Don’t OutGrow Your Dreams by John Pavlovitz

To The Loved Ones Who’ve Gone Silent

Originally posted on john pavlovitz:
Over the last few months as I’ve talked with people reeling from the devastation of fractured relationships, those standing beneath the painful fallout of lost and broken friendships, marriages, and family bonds; a simple but tragic truth keeps repeating…