‘Vertigo’ New Music Video by IRIS

‘Vertigo’ the song feels like the dictionary definition of the word – Vertigo (noun) – a sensation of whirling and loss of balance, associated particularly with looking down from a great height,” with layers of sweeping and swirling vocals and exquisite string arrangements.


Iris is one of my favourite Australian bands, a Melbourne based indie 5 piece. Fronted by key songwriter Richelle Boer, IRIS artfully resists being boxed into a category, flowing with ease between genres.

Friday Arts Day: Create Space in Warrandyte

Create Space is an artist run collaboration that aims to create community and shared experiences for artists based in the Melbourne Warrandyte area. We currently have around 11 artists who use this space. The vision is that is be an interactive space where patrons of the cafe can interact, watch what is developing and also either commission or purchase pieces.