Done with the Church but not with God.

The Dones, as I refer to them, include some of the established church’s previously most active members, best givers, and most mature believers. Their exodus presents one of the most perplexing challenges for the church as we know it.
The dones are church refugees; “Refugees are people who’ve been forced from their homes–for fear of persecution. That describes the dechurched. If they stayed, they would risk further estrangement from their spiritual selves, from God, and from a religion they still believe in.”

Tuesday Talks with Nicole Conner

Only love can bring healing, peace and reconciliation. Prejudice and fear never have and never will change anything, only radical, sacrificial love can do that. I hope that in times of tension and marginalisation the church can rise up in grace, kindness and welcome – maybe this time we can prove history wrong. Nicole Conner