A Nation that Destroys its Soil Destroys Itself

We are dancing on the grave of an indigenous wisdom that farmed wildlife beautifully and was balanced and free of greed. Aborigines have been looking after the country long before the Brits rocked up in their ridiculous garb. But old British habits die hard (Rachael Treasure). Tuesday Talks: A nation that destroys its soil destroys itself

Friday Arts Day with Bindi Cole Chocka

In this first video Bindi Cole Chocka recounts her involvement in Shadowlife, Asialink Arts touring exhibition curated by Djon Mundine OAM and Natalie King, which toured to Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore in 2012-13.

Celtic Spirituality in the Australian Landscape, Ray Simpson and Brent Lyons-Lee

A snap shot of Celtic Spirituality. Hospitality, No gender bias, anti-empire mindset, love of creation, a focus on the trinity, art, poetry and story telling.

Surrender 15

The SURRENDER conference is for people from all walks of life – we’ll explore together God’s purpose for us as agents of reconciliation in a broken world. How do we as the church and as individuals find our identity as peacemakers and restorers of broken relationships…