Celebrating the Birth of the Homeless, Oppressed and Marginalised

When I read the gospels it seems this Christ of Christmas has a message for us all and it’s relatively simple: Don’t be an asshole! This cardinal contemplative notion seems to underscore the words we have of Christ that are in print today. Nicole Conner – Reflections of a Mugwump

Us and Them!

When we feel uncomfortable or out of our depth, we take sides.   Us and Them.  This is a natural human response to nearly every situation.  In the school ground, in the community and across the globe.  What we don’t understand we mistrust, we push back or cut off. A democratic society is built upon the premise that everyone is equal.  It only works if we can all live together.  If we cannot live together we need to be able to at least live side by side. When we become fearful we chose the safety of our own segregated groups.  We must remember that we are global citizens.  We must elevate community over economic freedom.