Please Be Kind

Imagine a world where we all showed kindness in thought, word and deed. That would be a revolution of love where every single person and being on earth would flourish and have the capacity to reach their full potential. So lets be less anxious and more kind, less fearful and more extravagantly generous.

Lazarus at Our Gate

Woven through the sacred text is the virtue of Generosity. Not only is it a virtue, it is the very essence of the Divine. The offence of the rich man is that another human being lay suffering at his very gate and he withheld generosity and mercy. Generosity is displayed in so many ways – our connection to others; our willingness to listen, to understand, to help; the way we see, talk and behave towards those who are on the margins of society; how we treat all of God’s creatures; and the consideration we show to our planet. The list goes on. In a culture of fear and paranoia, to live with a spirit of generosity towards others is indeed an anomaly.