An Age of Darkness and Anxiety

Bridge builders operate out of love and love is the opposite of fear. Fear burns the bridges, fear build walls, fear isolates. Love dispels fear. Love is a healing balm in this rageous and enflamed society in which we live. Love pulls down the middle walls of division and extends the olive branch of peace. Love looks at darkness and chaos and sees creativity and possibility. Life is birthed in the dark womb. Life was breathed over the darkness and chaos of a world which was void of life. Life comes to a seed which is planted deep in the darkness of the womb earth.

Conspiracy Theories Are Bad For You

The world is chaotic and deeply unsettling. We look for ways to understand and control our lives. Conspiracy theories come out of the need to make sense of a world that is very confusing. However all they do is promote fear and anxiety.

Crystals and Sacred Stones: Not so spooky

Many seek deeper power and cleaning from the stones; however, the Sacred Tests suggest that when we look through the stones and into the light, we are actually being led to see the face of God, in all its beauty and healing power. It concludes that it is God who created the balance of mind, body and spirit and who channels healing into the soul.

We must lose our fear of being wrong.

True creativity does not come easily; creativity is born of risk and refined from failure. If we are at the core both spiritual beings and creative beings, then the artisan soul is where we live when we have the courage to be our truest selves.


There’s no way to drown out the voices of those who choose to use religion to shock and wound and to editorialize disaster, as they will always garner microphones and grab airtime, but we can shout back forcibly into that noise. by John Pavlovitz