A New Way to BE Church

The Gospel was never meant to be talked about it was meant to be lived and demonstrated. True community is where there is no agenda or end game, it is all about authentic relationships, it’s about loving one another and it’s about being present in the moment and allowing God to make the connection.

An Overview of Prophecy with Lisa Hunt-Wotton

A brigde holds weight, holds tension, and is walked upon. A person in this role needs to be strong enough and wise enough to hold weight, hold tension and be prepared to get walked over. You become a transition space for people to move from one space to the next. You understand both sides, believe in both sides, love both sides and can bring understanding, reconciliation and restoration to both sides. Whether it is a relationship, an epoch or a social justice issue, bridges play the role of bringing both sides together.

The Emerging Church: Dr John Drane Part 1

Ten years ago, the term ‘emerging church’ would have been unknown. Today it is impossible to go very far – certainly in the church culture of the UK, USA and Australasia – without encountering both the word and the reality which it describes.