God Is Us

Either God is moving in and through you or He is not moving at all.   It is a process of loving and being loved.   As soon as you lock down, take sides,  stand back, isolate.  God is not moving through you.  As soon as you start thinking dualistically, you have stepped outside of the flow of God.

Left Brained Religion

If we align ourselves with the teaching of Jesus then we must have a religion that re-unites and re-ties us to each other and to creation. The emphasis of the New Testament is love of God and love of neighbour. Christ came to bring unity between God and humanity. My fear is that religion today in its many forms is known more for what it is ‘against’ and what it ‘cuts off’ than as a unifying force in the world. I believe this is because the Church or religion as we know it today has been influenced and formed by three things. Dualism, Left Brain Thinking and Patriarchy.

What is Heaven?

To hope for a better future in this world, for the poor, the sick, the lonely and depressed for the slaves, the refugees, the hungry the homeless for he abused the paranoid, the downtrodden and despairing and in fact for the whole wide, wonderful, wounded world – is not something else or something extra, or something tacked on to the gospel as an afterthought. And to work for that intermediate hope,.. is not a distraction from the task of mission and evangelism…it is a central and essential, vital and life giving part of it” N. T. Wright

Father Richard Rohr on Racism, Non-Dual Thinking, and Jesus Christ

I believe the good news really is good news. If we could be given that great act of hope at the beginning, that this universe is going somewhere, and is beloved of God, instead of thinking we’re going to bring people to the love of God by fear, and guilt, and shame. What ever made us think that would work? And we see right now that it is hasn’t.

Women in Leadership

The question of women serving as Christian leaders is old, yet the debates continue to rage. In the USA not only are denominations caught up in this debate (particularly over women’s ordination), but the issue of women’s roles in the church, overall, envelopes evangelism; and divisions remain at every level of the evangelical community, including across denominations, seminaries, and local congregations.