Is Suicide a Sin? 

What makes a person’s behaviour suicidal? Is suicide morally permissible, or even morally required in some extraordinary circumstances? Is suicidal behaviour rational? So while there are still many other things to be said here, I think we can confidently entrust our loved ones to the care of God, regardless of how they end their days.

Pioneering Leadership by Dr John Drane

Where is God at work?

What does it mean for me and other Christians to get alongside what God is doing?’

How did people relate to Jesus? What kind of person was he?The most important gift of the Spirit for the 21st Century by far is discernment. Discerning where God is at work in the culture, discerning what is the appropriate way to connect with the culture, discerning who this person is or persons with whom I’m engaged at this point in time. Rev. Dr John Drane.

The Emerging Church: Dr John Drane Part 1

Ten years ago, the term ‘emerging church’ would have been unknown. Today it is impossible to go very far – certainly in the church culture of the UK, USA and Australasia – without encountering both the word and the reality which it describes.