The House on Horror Hill – Trigger Warning

Often part of us, the child part of us remains in that place. This is why for so many it is so difficult to go back, to even contemplate reliving, rethinking what happened. To re-visit the pain, the trauma, that time of horror is almost incomprehensible. However, for healing to begin we need to help that child move out of that place of unfair responsibility and confusion. Lisa Hunt-Wotton

One Woman’s Story of Domestic Violence

Abuse is not acceptable in any relationship, it is not a Christian principle, nor does the bible support abuse in any circumstances.

Tuesday Talks: Domestic Violence with Satu Myers

Its our National shame that women and children are suffering such high levels of domestic violence. This year in Australia March 2015, 25 women have died at the hand of men in domestic situations. The World Health Organization (WHO) describes the levels of violence experienced by the world’s women as ‘a global public health problem of epidemic proportions, requiring urgent action’.