Lisa’s Story: The Path of Courage

More than comfort, money or fame; my legacy to my children is the example of my life. Yes, bad things happen, but you are able to survive. More importantly, you have the resilience you need to thrive. You can live in Shalom. You can flourish through the journey of suffering. You can live in community with others as gracious, loving, merciful and compassionate human beings. Everyone has the right to belong. Everyone has a story to tell and everyone deserves to be heard.

The Consequence of Standing up to the Cult Leader

This I believe was the last straw for my dad who then attempted suicide. He told me that ‘if this was what it meant to be a Christian than he would give his life to satan’. My 16 year old sister found him in a coma from an overdose of sleeping tablets and called the ambulance.

What is Mind Control?

Unbeknown to the public at large, the cult phenomenon and mind control is alive and well in Australia. Not only does it affect the mental health of the individual it encompasses the entire person, mind, body and soul.

In the Name of God: Reflections on Bullying and Religion by Nicole Conner

Perhaps one of the most common forms of bullying is in faith communities themselves. Those deemed spiritual leaders can suggest various things from a place of ‘spiritual authority’ that really is a form of bullying. Most often, both sides believe they have God on their side and therefore the despicable behaviour and/or words are justified. Religious bullies often think themselves as ‘prophetic’, bearers of the truth, and apart from feeling persecuted, they are generally angry with this ‘wicked’ world.

Tuesday Talks: The ‘C’ Word with Lisa Hunt-Wotton 

I know from experience that God is able to turn desolation into strength. He can turn mourning into dancing, he makes beauty from broken things, he gives the oil of joy for mourning and he can bring comfort and refreshing in times of weeping. I know because I have experienced it. He doesn’t remove the trial but he transforms you through it. Lisa Hunt-Wotton