The Deep Place: On Creativity and Spirituality

My poet and writer friend @joelmckerrowpoet has launched this brilliant podcast with film-maker @joyprouty this week. Its called, ‘The Deep Place: On Creativity and Spirituality’ and all about how creativity speaks into and flows out of the deep… Read More

Want an Amazing Life? Get Out Of The Box.

For goodness sake people.  Get Out of the Box by Lisa Hunt-Wotton Yesterday my son called to say that he had accepted the role of Technical Director in the Cirque de Soilel show ‘Luzia’.  Luzia is about light… Read More

Imagination and Creativity Can Change the World

Imagination must partner with creativity to make ideas happen. Does our thought life and our character match up with what we are creating? We will create something, there is no doubt about that. It is in our DNA. We can create life, hope, joy, beauty and wonder. We can also create darkness, indifference and discord. In our families, in our communities and in our Nations. We are full of potential. We are creative beings. Whatever we plan or imagine we can create. The real question then becomes what is it that we will create and what impact will it have on those around us?

Creativity is More Than a Great Idea

Having a great idea is the smallest part of the creative process. Understand that most of your ideas will not grow wings and fly no matter how good they are. Successful creatives understand that there is a great deal of material that ends up living on the studio floor. A great idea is only 1% of the journey, the rest is hard work. Lisa Hunt-Wotton

Generous Creativity

Creativity helps us to navigate anxiety. The fullness of the love that the creator has for us steadies us. Jesus does not desire an anxious life for us. He wants our lives to look like a well watered garden. He wants us to experience Shalom which means peace and flourishing. Space and time to flourish. Shalom is the way that things ‘ought’ to be.

Get Out of the Box

Artists don’t like platitudes and easy answers. Artists navigate controversy, they see the injustices, they look through the bubble wrap that people cocoon themselves in, they see the paradox of life and the fact that broken-ness effects us all. We are mystics and misfits and we live in the margins and on the edges.

Generous Creativity

God’s purpose for creation fits with his creative energy in creation. Likewise, his ongoing purpose in this world and for our lives—as a part of his creation—guides and gives import to the creative energy we have as creatures made in his image. Whether you’re starting from a focus of justice work or whether you’re laden with artistic talent and creative energy, understanding God’s plan for creation and the ultimate aim of creativity will fire up your imagination and give direction to your passions.

How to Creatively Connect with God

Jesus made a way for us all to connect with God. It was no longer vertical access by the elite few. He added to the Shema, what we call the the two great knowings (Rohr): to know God and to know ourselves. The Shema prayer was so influential and important that Jesus used it as the beginning of His answer to the “greatest commandment” question in Mark 12:28–30